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The word “sex” can conjure up images of a man putting a penis in a vagina—and yes, that is often a wonderful part of sex—but seeing it in this way is like referring to a gourmet meal as “masticating” which misses almost everything important about it.

I am not saying that there isn’t danger to having sex, especially when we are younger—but then again there is danger to driving, rock climbing, football, gymnastics, and even being exposed to literature.For me, exploring sexuality was slow and considered, and I often preferred to do it privately, on my own, before trying it out with someone else.I remember my first boyfriend when I was 16 wanting to touch my breasts, and I wasn’t ready.I heard something I rarely hear now in sex education, which is that it is often amazing, beautiful, tender, connecting and wonderful—sometimes it’s even mind-blowing. At some point they will be entering the world of sexuality but even after our many talks on the subject I’m not sure how prepared they are.I heard a radio call-in show recently in which a 17-year-old girl wanted support to stay over at her boyfriend’s house even though her parents forbade it.

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