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James did the shooting with my little video camera.For the second time doing a simultaneous cam show and video shoot I don't think it turned out that bad.Initially I was only doing solo shows and then a couple weeks after added boy/girl cam shows with Mitt Maverick to the schedule.

Because this video was shot during a cam show there are many times that you will notice Mitt or I staring off at something to the side (the webcam and/or laptop).You get to watch me do a little strip tease, play with my boobs and nipples, spread my butt so you can see me butthole, masturbate with my hands and with my Hitachi, vibrate on the vibration machine in my former gym, drive around singing, talk about the rain, show off sex toys I bought and more.I also added a clip my friend Madison took of me giving one of our friends a sloppy blow job with plenty of deep throating.I figured that I could use it during a Car Conversation video.Little did I know that in order to get good quality sound you have to attach a small microphone to the camera.

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