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- Jimmy TThe advice and opinions provided by the author and other contributors to this website should not be considered as an alternative to professional advice.Readers are advised to seek the services of a properly accredited strata lawyer or strata manager before taking any action.Please bear in mind that the older articles may be out of date due to changes in the laws and that they may not apply in your State or Territory.Flat Chat is an independently funded website generously supported by our hand-picked sponsors.This paper reflects on the nature of online grooming and the police response.It reports on the 25 investigations into online grooming completed by the Queensland Police in the period June 2003 and September 2004 under the code name Task Force Argos.There are more than 10 years' worth of columns, comments and questions in our archive and over 12,000 posts.

In 76 per cent of cases the suspect was arrested for an offence within one month of the first online contact.The definition of sexual intercourse is specifically not limited to acts involving physical contact.Nor does the prosecution have to prove that the adult intended a particular sexual act.In cases of attempting to commit a sexual offence, there will also be a question of fact to answer - that is, whether the adult has taken steps towards carrying out their intent.While the relevant laws vary across Australia, the possible charges fall into four categories: .

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