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The Kaptai Hydroelectric Project’s construction had almost been completed during his birth and the first “Godavari” shortened to “Godu” and eventually stuck!From 1956 to 1964, HM Raja Tridiv Roy and his extended family as well as 100,000 Chakmas left their homes, lands, and memories behind to resettle in areas with a higher altitude.In February 11 1990, his son HH Kumar Tribhuvan Aryadev Roy was born in the British Hospital of Buenos Aires.When 1991 arrived HM Devasish/Godu flew to Melbourne, Australia for a Diploma in International Law.He also released a “Rabindra Sangeet” instrumental album with solo harmonica performance.HM Devasish lives with his wife in Dhaka and Rangamati alternatively and frequently travels between the two cities as well as outside the country to attend International Conferences on Indigenous Issues, Human Rights, Environment, among others.

HH Aryadev aka Arjo was installed as Crown Prince in 2003 when he was 13 years old during the Raj Punnyah festival held in Rangamati, which also celebrated HM Devasish’s Silver Jubilee or 25 years on the throne.

When he was just a school-going boy of only 12, the Liberation War for Bangladesh broke out and his father had opted to stay loyal to Pakistan.

In December of 1971 HM Tridiv left for Bangkok to gain international favour on the side of Pakistan, without the knowledge that he would never be able to return to his beloved homeland.

After he returned to Bangladesh, he joined the Dhaka Bar Council and started practicing as an Advocate of the High Court branch of Bangladesh Supreme Court.

In 1989 he married HM Rani Tatu Roy but soon moved to Buenos Aires in Argentina due to risk of assassination by the Ershad regime in Bangladesh.

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