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For two months last spring, the "girl" was approached online by 20,000 predators in 71 countries, including hundreds in the U. Terre des Hommes turned the customer list over to Interpol. The Philippines seems to be a particular hotbed for child sex; the government there estimates 100,000 children are forced into the trade.As Internet service grows more efficient in all parts of the world, it seems inevitable that the child sex trade will capitalize on it. But it's increasingly common in other poor countries, too, where the laws may not have kept pace with the Internet age.The 12-year-old used her to buy food for her family."One victim [in the Philippines] told us she was doing this almost every night," Agent Bassler said. "We do get a lot of reports on this issue," said John Shehan, executive director in the exploited children division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.This recent report entitled "Children of the Webcam" is an updated version of the 2013 "Fullscreen on View" document which initially detailed the evolving trend in sexual exploitation of children; that of using them to perform live sex acts for paying viewers in foreign countries via internet webcam.3 years later, Terre des Hommes Netherlands revisits the original findings to ascertain if and how the phenomenon has developed in the interim.14 at the 16th annual LEAD awards ceremony at the University of Pittsburgh.

This growth has been facilitated by a combination of factors the most significant of which are the recent advances in communications technology, particularly the widespread use of the smartphone to live-stream to customers from remote or hidden locations.

Poverty levels, despite economic growth,have increased, with 25% of the population existing in grinding persistent poverty.

WCST is perceived as "easy money" because it does not involve physical contact with the viewer despite the established research showing that children become sexualised and traumatised by being involved in this practice.

This is the latest threat in the ever-shifting battle against child predators: webcam child sex tourism.

It used to be that pedophiles had to travel to molest a child, often to countries such as Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines.

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