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One day things are going to change and you will forever blame yourself. You don’t want to go through the same path, do you? Ask him to help you deal with your feelings and talk with your spouse about everything [everything that you SHOULD talk to him or her about].

I am in that position now and I deeply regret everything I did. I am searching everywhere for answers but my heart is still shaking. I would not say anything more, but if you are planning to cheat, please, please, please, by the mercies of our Lord, DON’T!! If you have been cheated on, may God give you the strength to forgive your partner.

I want to share with you a sad testimony that I hope (and this woman hopes) will help others who read the “lessons” this woman shares.

I will include a few comments in [brackets] that perhaps will help, as well.

Beatrice, from Kenya, wrote the following in the comments under the article, How We Found Forgiveness After an Affair: I will tell you my story. I am one of those women and very ashamed of myself.

If only I could turn back the hands of time, I would not have done the unthinkable to my husband.

Let us avoid this unnecessary pain, guilt, shame and alienation. Don’t wait to learn yours, just learn from me and learn from my experience. Thank you Beatrice, for allowing yourself to be openly vulnerable and share your story and your regrets.I would not have hurt him this way or broken his trust in me.All those who have cheated, please, remember there is no fun outside your marriage.With Beatrice, I hope what is shared here will help someone.Unfortunately, as the Bible says, we are a “stiff-necked people” —those who want what we want and find ways to justify our actions as exceptions to the rule. But even so, I feel compelled to share this with those who will pay attention.

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