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Overall healing time is longer than with monovision IOL, but patient is typically capable of returning to full activity by the next day.

General distance recovery is immediate, with computer and reading distance recoveries taking one or more weeks.

Have your pre-surgery exams include routine eye exam, slit-lamp, fundus, corneal thickness, topography and pupillometry, and a Shirmer test.

Request wavefront diagnostics or reason why this is not recommended. Replace your old makeup and do not use until several days after surgery.

Only requires local anesthesia; can return to daily activities within the next day but 1-2 day suspension from work-related activities is recommended.

Unfortunately, as we get older, our lenses become less flexible, and have to exert more effort in order to focus on near objects.It’s challenging living a life with imperfect vision.Fortunately, patients today have better option than wearing glasses, contacts, or bifocals.The natural lens of the eye is removed and replaced with a single-focus accommodating IOL.The eyes' muscles actually move the lens to accommodate the change in focus.

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