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While the composers’ names of some of the fragmentary pieces are known, h.6 is an anonymous work. The melody below is performed by the very talented Michael Levy on the Lyre.The complete song is one of about 36 such hymns in cuneiform writing, found on fragments of clay tablets excavated in the 1950s from the Royal Palace at Ugarit (present day Ras Shamra, Syria), in a stratum dating from the fourteenth century BC, but is the only one surviving in substantially complete form. The tablet h.6 contains the lyrics for a hymn to Nikkal, a Semitic goddess of orchards, and instructions for a singer accompanied by a nine-stringed sammûm, a type of harp or, much more likely, a lyre.There is no composer named for the complete hymn, but four composers’ names are found for five of the fragmentary pieces: Tapšiẖuni, Puẖiya(na), Urẖiya (two hymns: h.8 and h.12), and Ammiya.

The Eagles started the conference season 0-4 on the season, with losses to Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Syracuse. Boston College quarterback Patrick Towles, who transferred to BC from Kentucky as a graduate transfer in December 2015, had one of his most unproductive seasons as the Eagles’ starter.The Terps are still miles from beating the best, yeah, but they’re not the same dumpster fire they were in the final moments of Randy Edsall’s tenure.They’ve made measurable progress and that’s something. To help you reconnect with your special someone in Victoria, we have curated 50 unexpected date ideas to wow.Whether you have a taste for fine culinary, the great outdoors, authentic culture, fast-paced urban or you are on a budget, exploring the categories below guarantees a date that will sweep them off their feet.

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