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Previous reports stated that the group's contracts are set to expire at the end of October, and this impending date has had some B2uties worrying about Beast's future. and also yoon doojoon because he’s hot and he’s cute also adorable when he plays around with yosoeb. I come from America but come to Malaysia every 2 years…I go next year but I’ve always wanted to go to beasts concerts!!! My most adorable, cutest , most charismatic , most handsome ,funniest , cutest voice , eyes,and smile that can take my breath away LI GI KWANG OPPA………………………. I’m so freakin when I first saw your cute face…neomu2 joaheyo…oppa I want to marry you…I dare to die if it’s all about you…You are my best oppa forever, gonna support you till the end of my life…muacxxxx…love you so much!!! and also ever been registered in FC Men with Junhyung in B2ST he been called Seobie, Unofficial Maknae, Yang-Yo He was transfered from Steam Boat Entertainment to CUBE Entertainent. When i heard he sing i was very shocked ^-^ Whao ………… But mostly i love yang yoseob because he’s cute, funny and adorable when he plays around. ❤ i like beast very much especialy doo the coolest and most charismatic leader ,,, dong woon is sweets as a candy, yoseop is cute as a polar bear, jung hyung is charming like a prince and hyun seung is very talented and he is like a angel.. Their are very cute and handsome when they sing in BAD GIRL he.. Beast can you be my friend 4ever and can you all come to Malaysia to perfome a live consert in Kuching, Sarawak in the year 2012,please. 3rd=Yoseob=He ever had plastic surgery in his nose for kills infection in his nose!!! good better beast and never will we rest until the good is better and the better becomes the beast!!!!!! many people said gikwang but many people also said kikwang…. YG entertainment and bigbang is mean for kickin’ hyunseung out of the group… guys ur the beast in my life my favorite is yang yoseob !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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