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Their goal is to find out that when all women give birth by 39 weeks, there are better outcomes than letting women wait for spontaneous labor.

But since only 10% of women go into labor on their own by 39 weeks (), what would happen if labor and delivery units all over the world were filled with women having elective inductions at 39 weeks? What might happen to a woman who has a serious medical need for an induction, but can’t get on the schedule because all of the hospital beds are full of women being electively induced at 39 weeks?

She was surprised by the intensity of the Pitocin-induced contractions, and needed an epidural.

Vanessa ended up with an emergency Cesarean when her baby (who was moving constantly during the intense contractions) flipped breech/ transverse during the induction.

In the earlier studies, elective induction was compared only to spontaneous labor: women who were electively induced vs. Excluded from these two groups are women who were not electively induced, but chose to wait for labor and then ended up having medically indicated inductions later on (and, thus, a higher rate of C-sections).

For an example of this earlier flawed research, see this article by New researchers pointed out that we need to compare women who have elective inductions with the whole group of women who choose to wait for spontaneous labor—whether or not they actually do have spontaneous labor.

Scans of his body (above) showed his lungs suggest he suffered from tuberculosis and pneumonia.

According to the for the study, “The goal of the study is to find out whether coming to the hospital and having your labor started with medicine (induced) at 39 weeks of pregnancy can improve the baby’s health at birth when compared with waiting for labor to start on its own.What is an estimated due date, and how is it determined? Do women’s goals and preferences for their births matter? At which point do the benefits of being electively induced outweigh the risks?They found his internal organs were still intact inside his body and the climate of his crypt had dried the body It is thought plant material placed in the coffin, the lack of fat on the body after a long period of illness and the burial taking place in the winter months helped ensure the body was well-preserved.The remains of Peder Winstrop Bishop of Lund (shown above) are one of the best preserved human bodies in Europe and were mummified by the cold dry conditions in his crypt in Lund Cathedral.

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Out of all women who were induced, 44% said that they were induced because their baby was full term and it was “close to the due date.” Another 18% said that they were induced because the health care provider was concerned that the mother was “overdue.”For many years, the common belief was that elective (not medically indicated) inductions doubled the C-section rate, especially in first-time mothers.

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