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Clark declared his love for Lana the day before their high school graduation, as well as asked her to give him another chance. The next day, Lana witnessed two aliens come out of the Black Ship and attack a cadre of police officers as a second meteor shower hit the town.After high school, Lana moved to Metropolis, as well as enrolled at Metropolis University to study astronomy and meteors.Lana is a beautiful woman with dark hair (of which had red highlights during her senior year of high school), hazel eyes (the likes of which had been complimented on numerous times) and a slender frame. During her school years, Lana was known for being the prettiest girl; she was even voted "most likely to be a cover girl" in her high-school year book.Clark has noted that Lana's nose wrinkled up when she becomes serious, which he mentions to be sexy.Years later Lana is found in Africa protecting local villages from African warlords, disguising herself as a vigilante called The Angel of the Plateau.While still in Africa, Lana's code name for the Watchtower is changed to Valkyrie.Lana wanted to discover if there were possibly aliens living among them, much to the dismay of Clark.

She later teamed up with Dr Groll and the two worked to fuse her with a Power suit, which was Lex's last lifeline intended to allow him to recover from his injuries when the Fortress of Solitude collapsed on him and dominate Earth.

Lana's biological parents are Laura Lang and Henry Small, her legal father was Lewis Lang.

Lana was adopted and raised by her aunt Nell Potter, following the deaths of her legal parents.

When they reached high school, Clark gained the courage to get to know her and she became an important part of his circle of friends.

Clark and Lana have attempted to have a relationship several times, but for a long time he was unwilling to tell her the secret of his true origins to protect her from his enemies.

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