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So that was that, and he got another girlfriend almost right away, which somewhat assuaged my feelings of guilt.But hark this: I should not have gone on another date with the divorced guy, even though he was, as my priest divined, a good person.

These were not unfounded fears although, thank heavens, the annulment papers took away some of the sting.It wasn't until the second date that he told me that he was divorced. I felt like the rug had been ripped out from under my feet.He walked me home--I wished he hadn't--and as soon as I was alone in my bachelor flat, I fell on the floor and wept. The next morning I got a phone call and discovered that I had lost my temp job.And, although by then I had my annulment, before that I certainly should not have gone out with anyone until I had it.Divorced people are fragile, and fragility makes us needy and selfish, as well as vulnerable and weak.

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Do we think of Pope Francis and his cryptic remarks about Cardinal Kasper, the divorced-and-remarried-outside-the Church-but-wants-Holy-Communion-Catholic's friend? If the divorce was within the past year, you are out of there. You are vulnerable because you are female and Single, and he is vulnerable because he has just been through a divorce. If you are a redhead, gosh darn it, but it may be that she is a redhead too. asked me to marry me after ten days, but we had been reading each others blogs for a year.

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