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Try stripping down your list of "needs" and "wants" for a first date to a measly : within ten years of your own age, without significant red flags that would affect your personal safety, and within a specified geographic area.Many of my friends, clients and readers have told me time and time again that when they lessened their search criteria and opened up their mind to dating people that didn't fall into their set type, they were finally able to meet the person of their dreams.

Keep your profile positive and you soon will be attracting all sorts of potential partners.

Try some of these suggestions if you're in need of help still: How to Write a Dating Profile.

Other profile issues include being negative, overtly sexual, self-deprecating, or too picky - our next potential reason.

At Plenty of Fish, log into your account and click on the "Mail Settings" tab to change who can contact you, and on Ok Cupid, you'll find what you are looking for under My Account -- many restrictions here, it'll impede some people from being able to contact you or reply to any messages you've sent.

Anything you limit here, be 100% sure that it's of absolute necessity to include.

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Not only will you generate new discussion about dating-related topics, but you'll also be privy to a host of singles events posted by other users.

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