Co executors disagree on liquidating land

If you are objecting to a formal accounting from an agent, executor or trustee or if you are an agent, executor or trustee and objections have been filed against your accounting a judge will be hearing your case.It is in your best interest to retain an estate litigation attorney with experience in .We can walk you through this complex area and help you understand its subtleties. Contact us to set up a free consultation meeting or phone conference.Let our experienced estate litigation attorneys defend your rights!

We can help make sure things are put right and that you obtain your rightful inheritance.If drafted and filed correctly by an estate litigation attorney, many objections may be avoided and much money saved.A trained attorney can also work with a beneficiary to help explain the accounting and, if necessary, file objections to what the beneficiary finds objectionable.Unfortunately, sometimes years later a child or other person interested in your service will bring claim that you breached your fiduciary duty.Sometimes these claims are baseless, sometimes they are based on 20/20 hindsight, and other times they are simply because the interested person wants clarification.

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The objections must be filed in a specific manner and if done correctly the first time, will save the beneficiary time and money.

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