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I'm std free and use to stay that way, not into or smoking, you're the same, love to eat pussy and can last for a while so you can actually come.Reply with the subject I'm Here to weed out bots.before you leave in the morning.I am an asian woman who is only looking for friendship that could lead to a long term relationship. Lower mental entry standards Increase the number of waivers for medical defects, Trade jailtime for an enlistment contract by forgiving misdemeanors and some FELONIES Soften up Boot Camp.

I don't need to know your name, address, number or personal history. I'm not interested in sex or anything beyond me playing with your boobs. Six feet three inches tall and 195 pounds - basketball physique.

So here I find myself infront of the computer writing a personal ad. So I sneak up behind him, put my hands in the warm, soapy water.

Brush my hands against his, then swish around to find the washcloth to go wipe the countertop down. don't get me started when he does laundry Wait, brb!

that's to catch those who "for whatever reason lack of opportunity or any other horde of reasons" when they fall.

a donkey only go as fast as it takes to reach the carrot dangled in front of it's face. i hate to break it to ya, but we've got more than just a couple "donkeys" in our society. yes, it is not only a benevolant thing it is also beneficial to ME to help people get back on their feet when they fall.

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