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When you find a commonality, make that the focus of your conversation. Honesty and transparency are very attractive, so don’t be shy to tell her your opinions and views.Jake Newfield is Vice President of Business Development at Alumnify, Author of A Cloud in the Sky, and writer for Huffington Post & Getting someone to open up and tell you about him- or herself is one of the most important aspects of forming a connection.Even more important than asking questions is listening to the answers. Listening shows people we care and are interested in what they have to say.He's working on his review now, so I'll post that as soon as possible. Also, I've dropped the price of the Flawless Man Forum!This is the only forum predominantly devoted to posting screenshots of your texting convos with women and where the "guru" personally analyzes your posts and answers them.If you like it, .99 will be billed monthly to you and if you don't, simply cancel and you won't be billed...

And what's worse is that the struggle to find love online has magnified the gender divide.If you think job interviews are tricky, dating is much trickier.Especially with the recent influx of dating apps, dating has become more frequent among Millennials.Go for a walk in the park, go to an art museum or explore a new part of the city. Ask her questions about her family, work or passions.Walking produces endorphins, which will make you both feel more comfortable. Conversations will feel more natural when you’re both walking underneath a canopy of trees, rather than staring at each other from across a table. Exuding a positive attitude will make other people like you. If you remember to smile and laugh, your conversations will be way more upbeat. Get her talking about the things she cares about, and take an interest in what she says.

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Finding dates is now easier, and thus, dating has become a more transactional experience.

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