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Also, there are some independent travel agencies that organize romance tours.Some tours are no more than junkets that are for as short as three days and others are practically expeditions that last as long as six weeks.Many of the marriages that were created still happily exist today. The boom and the lure of easy money brought criminals, both from Russia and the West out of the woodwork, and, even worse, the profusion of happy marriages brought howls of agony and anger from feminist in the West.Today the criminal issues have been largely addressed.One of the most surprising aspects of actually visiting Russia is the sheer diversity among Russian brides.Yes, there are tall Russian blondes who could be Swedish, but there are also slim brunettes with pale skin and blue eyes, Celtic Russian red heads that you would bet were Irish, and dark eyed beauties who might be Turkish or Persian or Arab or Chinese.

Russian women know they will be treated well at the events and that everything is on the up and up and of course the main attraction is the stunning, sexy, amazing Russian women.

Yes, there were some smaller international dating sites operating in Asia, but it was the fall of the Soviet Union that really triggered the development of the modern mail order bride industry. The economy collapsed, crime soared, and thousands of Russian women decided that they would try to find a foreign husband or boyfriend.

Initially, it seemed like a wild gamble, but for these women the rising rates of alcoholism and death rates among Russian men made the gamble seem worth the risk.

Yes, you can still get scammed, but if you use a little common sense it is not nearly the issue that it used to be.

In fact, considering the numbers involved the odds are pretty low.

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