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For example a classic ploy is 'Don't ring for three days, because you don't want to come across too keen'.

Of course this rule is now widely considered obsolete (as would be natural in any game).

For some black women, a white husband brings bad memories of slavery and Jim Crow.

Others have conditioned themselves to find non-black men unattractive (lacking “swag”, in the argot).

After all, the alternative is often no marriage or relationship at all. This crisis in the black “relationship market”, as Mr Banks calls it, starts with a “man shortage”.

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The more cynical (or perhaps realistic) of us would argue that there's a fair amount of game theory going on in the dating game.

In serious economics journals, no, as far as I know of.

In other areas there has been done something, but it concerns availability and communication with God: The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied Perhaps one problem is that several assumptions should be addressed, like: Thank you for your interest in this question.

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As one man told Mr Banks: “If you have four quality women you're dating and they're in a rotation, who's going to rush into a marriage?

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