Dating getting more serious

The more personal and important the items, the deeper entrenched the two of you are.

If one of you never leaves anything in the other's home and is constantly giving stuff back, they are not ready to commit.

We've met the other persons' family and/or friends It is a hassle to introduce flavor-of-the-month men or women to the people that are permanent in your life, so most people won't do it.

If you are dating someone that you have acquainted with your friends and family, you intend to keep them around.

Below, I will give you some tips on what to listen for so that you know he’s not playing any games.

What makes this so hard is that this change usually doesn't come with a ring. No one grows anything in their belly for nine months.

If they throw something at you, congratulations, you are now in a committed relationship but, if you value your plates and your pets and would prefer they not be flung across the room, then you might want to consider a different tactic. I was trained as an economist, so I keep trying to cram logic and rationality into my relationships. I tried asking where they see the relationship going and what status they think we should have.

That's about as sexy and endearing as the average police interrogation, so I don't suggest it unless you've got a hyper-logical partner.

He’s looking to qualify you as much as you are looking to qualify him.

A serious relationship type of guy talks to you about his vision for his life, his goals and his challenges.

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