Dating low iq women

Nor do the shocks to the noisy advocates of equal opportunities stop there, I'm afraid.

The ever-growing success of girls at GCSE, A-level and now at university would seem to refute this - but the blame lies with our exam system, with its emphasis on coursework, which rewards diligence more than it does intelligence.This raises an important and controversial question.Is there really a glass ceiling holding back the careers of talented female scientists?The undeniable, easily measurable fact remains that, by the time both sexes reach 21, men, on average, score five IQ points higher than women.Before discussing how and why this might be, I ought to explain what psychologists by intelligence.

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It is my contention - based on a lifetime of academic research - that there an explanation and I advance it all too aware of the howls of feminist outrage I am about to unleash.

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