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(Answers in a minute.)Let me say up front that I have not acted on my crush -– except for some innocent flirting -– and have no intention of acting on my crush. Mark, on the other hand, puts up with my weekly visits to Dr S (mostly because I’m allergic to our dog who is his BFF), even when I tell him that in “another life” I could be living on easy street as the wife of a successful doctor (meaning not working, traveling to exotic locales and dripping with diamonds and pearls. I’m quiet as a church mouse when my husband and I go to movies that feature his “girlfriends,” and rarely say an unkind word about them even when critics at (his bible) give them a bad review. She says her husband was prone to “laughing fits” when he’d see her flash her best smile at her father’s neighbor.This is a certain way to throw your neighbor into a fit of pique.Park your car outside his gate; this obstructs him and will surely throw him into a perfect spasm of annoyance.

No.3 Do speak loudly in your own garden so that your neighbors can hear you.The constant obstruction was a beautiful challenge to surmount for us both.I found myself squirming out of my gate just to go to his house to get his attention; George had a whale of a time communicating with the police viz the problem and soon became great friends with the on-duty sergeants at the neighborhood police station. She admits she has a crush on her father’s young, successful, athletic neighbor. He also admits to crushes on Diane Lane, Anne Hathaway, Laura Linney and Julianne Moore. At least that’s what the experts say, though truth be told, I didn’t need to ask them because when I talked to my girlfriends they all said the same thing. Paula Holt who blogs at Marital Musings thinks it’s best to not know your crush well or have regular contact with said fascination (think the UPS delivery man, not the guy who sits in the next cubicle).

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