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But I understand, that it will not bring anything serious. To you writes "Alexandra Cherkashina" from site Russian Euro. I hope that ourcorrespondence will be nice for each of us! I belive that one day Imeet my love and I`ll love him forever.

I studied in Samara State Technical University."Received: from [] ([email protected] with plain) Tranbjerg Denmark DK[] ([email protected] with plain) Silkeborg DK[] ([email protected] with plain) Copenhagen DK Hello my new friend Remove-Pants! But I belive thateveryone of us make its happiness yourself.

I think you read my profile and you know what I'm looking for a serious relationship with the right man. I am happy that with eachletter, we know each other more ... It would be great ..I want to tell you about my past, I was in Samara State University, I attended this successfully, Where are you study? I think you're a good man andyou can share secrets. Today I and my friends decided to meet and spend an evening together. My friend said that you are verynice man ...xxxxx You liked my friends ... I would so like to spend an evening with you, I want to be with youdear ... You know, I look at your Photos and freezes the heart, because you're not just a man, you darling man! I like to cookdifferent food and I have it very good at it.

Oh, I forgot about time, I don`t have computer at my home and Iwrite you from Internet Cafe. Rita Received: from [] ([email protected] with plain)From: Margarita I have never traveled to anothercountry, but I often traveled in their country. I'll be very glad to receive them and I hope that in my next letter I will be able to see your pics.xxxxx, I have so many questions for you, and I hope that I learn a lot about you. The approximately estimated travel/road distance can be around 470.23 km to 511.12 km.... I'm very happy again to see yourbeautiful letter, I am very pleased ... I'm glad that you understand the ideaabout my outlook on life. I'm pretty independent woman, but I'm ready to tell youtheir dreams, very well when there is a person with whom You can discuss this, I'm glad you understand me.xxxxx Do you know what I really want to see youreality, to get acquainted with your family, you can send mephotos of your family? I want to tell you that I want to havehappiness as the Real Girl, I want to have a family, have a darling man,that will always be with me. Your Ritax_5553555My dear, I'm glad that you are nice to look at my pictures, in thisletter I will send my pictures more ... For me also pleased to recognizethat there is someone - someone who thinks of me and share ideas and desires. My friends know about you and I even showed them your photos. With every letter we get closerto each other and I'm in love with you.

Our friendship is very strong andnothing can`t damage it! I wait for your letter and think what you write me! I so exciting to knowthat in the other part of the world there is a man who interested inme and want to know about me and my life!

I want that she will be glad that I met suchgood person as you! It`s very difficult for me tospeak about it, he does not live with us for very long time. We laughed together and thought thatwe can solve all problems together! With every letter I know something new about youand your life!

I so like to get letters but today I was especially pleased toget letter from you! Iwant to know about your life and about your country! But in my city it`s very hardto find a good job even with such good education. I`m used to live in such way but Ithink everything can change to the best! I try think only about good, I belive that our thoughts can bematerial! I liked your profile, I think that we can begin to correspond. I do not know where to begin our acquaintance, I can tell a little about yourself:my name is Rita, I'm 26 years old. I had never talked with someone from another country and I think it's interesting. For me to write you a letter is not just a curiosity.

[Whois] IP address location & more: IP address [? At University I studied Economy and I have the diploma of Economist. But in our town it`s very difficult to find agood job and I sell shoes in shoes shop. So, now I would like to tell you more about my character. Yes, our acquaintance with you my It was very boring, but now my life has changed, or rather you itchanged ... In this letter, I want you to send pictures with her dog, her name is Belka, she is very beautiful ... Dear, I love sports, so I know a sport like football, we played atschool when I was little ... I do not know what to have happiness, but I hope that I'll have it. This summer, I and my girlfriend were on the Russian river Volga. Thisreally great Russian river, and it is really very big. Dear xxxxx, I'm sorry for such a question: Do you have a woman other thanme? "Tell me honestly youcorresponded with the girls on the internet when not-whether in the past? If you want something you can not answer this question,but for me it is important to know this because I want to have with you seriousrelations, and very angry if you are deceiving me. Please, if you are to meany frank questions you ask me.

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.

The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of is already known , and you can find in many sites , with same letters but differents photo me directly to my email !!!!

Spokeo is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL. ]: srv4[Whois] [Trace] Local time in Germany: 2009-11-08 Host of the IP: [Whois] [Reverse IP] Host IP [? This Uralmountains, unfortunately I've never been there, but I really wanted to be therevisit. Dear xxxxx, I want to know what you prefer to do in your sparetime?

Tatyanai found her name in many scammer site ...... html Posted: 2009-04-25 by salam sulaiman taking money from by my dating Russia women Complaint Rating: After establishing relation ship with my Russian women Name: Tatiana Anaevaaddress: Kalinin street, 16 - 7, 644030, OMSK RUSSIAHer Email: [email protected] sent her three Money Grams one for the passport/Medical/Visaone... ]: Keyweb AG Organization: Keyweb AG IP Network Host of this IP: [? Also in Russia There are many different sights of nature. Our exchange of letters is interesting to me, I think that in the future, our exchange Letters will grow into something more, do you agree? Going there you can meet a lot of passionate people and I'm a little envious of them,because they have already found their love, and I dream to spend more romantic time with your loved one,this could be dinner or just a walk, movie, or just be together.

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