Do men mind dating virgins

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if a guy likes you enough, he's not gonna give a hoot.

After those three additional months I came to realize that the pain of being rejected by my partner as "not being good enough" was too great and that we would be better off breaking up.

Though she never said anything to me like that, what else can a man assume but that you don't think he's good enough if the most you'll give him is a rub-down after five months?!

So I decided to stick it out, after all I enjoyed her company and she was a great girl.

However things never got any better along those lines, I put in another three months to no avail; she was totally shy about her body, her sexuality, she had never even masturbated for crying out loud!

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Unfortunately, she wanted to get laid more to get it over with and I felt this was the wrong reason and that bothered me too.

I too am surprised at how judgemental some are, but on the other hand I must admit that I'm a bit apprehensive about disclosing that information.

I'm now 28 and it's kind of embarrassing and very difficult to tell someone that you've never "done the do".

Also I think that it's quite a privilege as well as pressure, for a guy to be the first to "deflower" you. Myself, I can remember what we said, where we were - any nitty gritty details? Summary - it's not something I would bring up when you first meet the guy!

Wait a few dates in to mention it to him- and don't bloody mention it over dinner either!

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I have some problems with the various reasons that she is a 25 year old virgin. Been there, done that, would probably never do it again I don't know why we still bother to profess the virtuosity of virginity, it's basically being proud of one's own ignorance I'm not saying you should hop into bed with the first person that asks just to feel you fit in, but if you've gotten to your late twenties and haven't had sex, there is definitely something amiss unless you count yourself amongst the devout.

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