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Bat to fails to connect and bat 1 gets that error shown and closes. LV-07,,==================== Server Initialize Start ==================== LV-07,, Product Version : LV-07,, File Version : 0,1,1,0 LV-07,, Protocol Version : .1 LV-00,,[CEL:: CDBConnection:: Open DB]-[112] Open=Provider = SQLOLEDB.1; D ata Source=.\SQLEXPRESS; Initial Catalog=DR2_Site Config; User Id=sa; Password=**************; Packet Size = 16384; Use Procedure for Prepare = 1; Auto Translate = True Failed=0x80040E4D LV-01,,-=-=-=-=-=- ASSERT_LOG -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= LV-01,,[On Regist]-[17] On Regist Failed Type = 3 LV-01,,-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- = *==============LV-01,,-=-=-=-=-=- ASSERT_LOG -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-== ======LV-01,,[On Regist]-[17] On Regist Failed Type = 3= =======LV-01,,-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-== ==============================* Unhandled excetpion triggerd! Everything is set up to the bone but whenever i run bat 1 and then bat 2. Try to see with "compmgmt.msc" if something is wrong with your hard drive. And you put inside : UID = 0 (allways) ID = username PW = password Gender = 0/1 , 0 male / 1 female Birthday =" whatever you want date* like this = 2011-07-10 .670 And then hit "Ok" !

There is a link below If you discover you can play a game but results here tell you otherwise, then give your feedback.Gravity and Barunson are working to have close beta up and running before September ends, but will only be accessible to former THQ*ICE Dragonica members and to start open beta two weeks after close beta if everything goes well and allowing new players to start creating their characters for the game.Also regarding the reopening of Dragonica, if any problems are found during the internal testing Dragonica CB will be relesed in early October.The accompanying CPU and RAM are always considered top end components, so that the bottleneck is always the graphics card."An aeon ago, Elga's betrayal of the Dragon Lord Vyvern plunged the race of Dragons into conflict, and divided them into two warring factions.Seeking mysterious artifacts of power believed to be hidden in the realm of Dragonica, Elga mounted a bloody invasion, but was finally defeated at great cost by the 5 Legendary Heroes and entombed in a hidden fortress, presumably for all time.

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Replace the "" by your IP server if you're not in local. To stop the server, don't shut down all the windows, just select everything in the Server Control and click on "Off" 30. If you get your MMC closed 1 or 2 sec after having launched ( dump error in the MMC folder) then, juste remove the port adress in all the configs.

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