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If you avoid them, you and your sweetie will have a better shot at success.

In all that lovebird excitement, you may have unknowingly stumbled into one of the Five C's — unhealthy dating pitfalls common to all couples.

Siblings and friends Siblings and friends can enter into the same kinds of “contracts” noted for couples.

They are always in some trouble and need money or advice, or just can’t “get a break” and make bad decisions.

Adult Children and their Parents You will meet people who, as grown adults, blame their parents for all their problems (e.g., “If they had loved me more… Maybe they blame their parents for their own failures, and as adults say “I won’t let you hurt my children like you hurt me” as a way to avoid saying “I hurt my children.” Alternately, they may see their parents do a wonderful job, and say to themselves, “they love my children more than they love me.” Thus, making their parents out to be bad and selfish helps them avoid facing the results of their own actions.

If you've been dating for months or even years, your significant other probably plays an important role in your life, but is it the right role?That’s where I found you and I can put you right back”), to “hold on” to a partner (“You don’t think your son a father?”), or to explain their problems (“You’re just like your father, lying whenever it serves you and just no good”).It may seem great, but over time, I think you get on each other's nerves more quickly because there's not any distance.Plus, being together 24/7 can take you to a place of intensity and intimacy that really isn't very healthy at all." If people have begun to merge you and your sweetie into one, dubbing you something like "Bennifer" or "Tom Kat," take this as a sign that you're together too much.

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Boyfriends and girlfriends are not the same as husbands and wives, but they often get stuck with that level of expectation.

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