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This is the ONLY site to download an Authintic Version of LW.Lime Wire Official Website & Free Download, Bit Torrent . When I recently updated to the latest version of Limewire I lost my Pro Status.Authors of multiple copies of same post may be dealt with by moderators within their discrete judgment at the time which may result in warning or infraction points, depending on severity as adjudged by the moderators online. Violation of any of these rules will bring consequences, determined on a case-by-case basis.

The only things that are Not available to you are the Updates and email support.Moderators are authorized to: (in order of increasing severity)  Move posts to the correct forums. These off-topic posts may impede the normal operation of the forum. Moderators will edit posts that are offensive or break any of the House Rules. Posts that cannot be edited to comply with the House Rules will be deleted. This is one of the last punishments before a member is banned. Three or more moderators or administrators must agree to the ban for this action to occur.Restrictions may include placing all new posts in a moderation queue or temporarily banning the offender. Banning is reserved for very severe offenses and members who, after many warnings, fail to comply with the House Rules. Bans cannot be removed by the moderators and probably won't be removed by the administration. Warez, copyright violation, or any other illegal activity may NOT be linked or expressed in any form.Please choose the correct section for your problem. If you see a post in the wrong forum or in violation of the House Rules, please contact a moderator via Private Message or the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom of every post.Please do not respond directly to the member - a moderator will do what is required. Any impersonation of a forum member in any mode of communication is strictly prohibited and will result in banning. Multiple copies of the same post will not be tolerated.

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