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When game messages are received with pictures, the player can customize them into the Photo Channel.The player would also be able to send them to other Wii consoles that are sent when you register them.It enabled the user to remain connected to the Internet while the console was on standby.For example, a friend could send messages to another player's town without the other player being present in the game Animal Crossing: City Folk.Wii Connect24 was used to receive content such as Wii Message Board messages sent from other Wii consoles, Miis, emails, updated channel and game content, and notification of software updates.If the Standby Connect mode of Wii Connect24 is enabled, this content can also be received when the Wii is left in standby mode.They would then be able to download the promotional demo from their Wii systems to their Nintendo DS's." According to Nintendo's European micro-site for the Wii, Wii Connect24 can be used to send SMS messages "to family members that are out and about", and exchange pictures and messages with other Wii users.

While the console is in standby, the power LED indicates the current status of the standby connection, red indicating Standby Connect is off, yellow indicating Standby Connect mode is on.Wii Connect24 is succeeded by Spot Pass, a different trademark name for similar content-pushing functions that the Nintendo Network service can perform for the newer Nintendo 3DS and Wii U consoles.The trademark name "Spot Pass" is more suited for generic Nintendo console usage without exclusively tying it to the Wii brand as the former "Wii Connect24" name had done.On June 28, 2013, Nintendo terminated the Wii Connect24 service features globally.Consequently, the Wii channels that required it, online data exchange via Wii Message Board, and passive online features for certain games (the latter two of which made use of 16-digit Wii Friend Codes) have all been rendered unusable.

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The reason for this requirement is unclear, as the channels still operate even if the Wii is consistently shut-down fully by holding the power button for four seconds.

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