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In my efforts to draw commands from that for the Republic's campaign, I realized just how to apply the scripting to general advancements for faction's tech levels.

4 Then also solve the fact of duplication of teams when you have to build. Jedi will get their unique Delta-7Bs, and ETA fighter. Just out of interest, from where is the Republic Phalanx Frigate?Republic Assault: The Clone Wars, formerly Star Wars The Clone Wars: Re, is a remaster of existing Forces of Corruption Clone Wars mods. Clone Wars RE team So a little backstory to this, for awhile I've been coming up with ideas for additional tech levels, as I found 5 to be to little to work with.A lot of content will likely be used from other mods, with permission, be open source content, or will be rigged from existing games like the model fest, Clone Wars Adventures. With the 6 seasons, 2 movies, 1 mini series, and tons of books on the Clone Wars all being drawn on for units and inspiration.I realized that both tech 6 and 7 were available at the same time. With a few simple additional events, we can fix that.Once again using sample events from RA you need to apply a lock event for tech 7 and onward, like so: No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

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