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Be honest and direct in your profile and in your communications. Speed Dating, of course alleviates any of the physical appearance issues as you get to see right away who you'll be emailing with later on. Don't be afraid to initiate contact - what have you got to lose? Use a free email client like hotmail or gmail, and never include your full real name in your email address.

This world of online dating is extremely convenient and easy, and people get lured into it easily.It used to be that people were embarrassed to mention they met their mate online; now, "We met online!" is a common answer when couples are asked, "How did you meet? Some people swear by it and have had much success; others have tried it once and decided never to try it again...I have met one person successfully online but it was a dance site so we met a a public dance and had subsequent dance dates.I need to see a photo and have details of the person's life and men are not as good with communication.

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So what are the pros and cons of online dating, and how can we make the most of our online dating experiences? Cons Variety: Pro: There are literally thousands of online dating sites these days, and in a culture where changing the channel is almost as easy as breathing, we can click away to our hearts' content.

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