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Image credit to Keith Urban // via Instagram Highest energy tour we have ever done in Canada!!! And I wanna say a HUGE THANK U to Hailey Benedict who blew us away tonite!!!!!

Nicole Kidman’s solo appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival has fans wondering once again if there is a Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban divorce in the works.

And knowing how Keith has often hinted at their marital problems in his numerous interviews, there’s a good chance that he would be willing to spite Nicole even more after a separation. Magazine, one source says that the country crooner is absolutely ‘miserable’ as he wants a fast way out of their marriage.

The insider said, “Keith is sick and tired of Nicole constantly treating him like he’s done something wrong.

The image-conscious couple has always been very careful about portraying her happy life and marriage to the media without revealing exactly what goes on behind closed doors.

Yet, her husband, country music singer Keith Urban, is refusing to play her games.

Keith isn’t sure how their marriage can survive if she can’t trust him.

Things have escalated to the point that they’re no longer about to even have a conversation without fighting.” To make matters worse, Keith has supposedly abandoned Nicole, as he didn’t accompany her on the red carpet at TIFF last month, nor has he been seen with her for the last several weeks.

Now that Naomi Watts is single, Nicole has a girlfriend she can count on to help her through yet another major transition she is about to make in her life. Will Nicole Kidman divorce Keith urban after all these years? And thank you @Dallas Smithmusic for an awesome tour brotha!! – KU #rip CORDWorld Tour 🇨🇦 A video posted by Keith Urban (@keithurban) on We’re here in Edmonton, Canada opening up the brand new @Rogers Place!!! And what a phenomenal venue – @ROGERSPLACE is officially BROKEN IN!

In fact, there’s new speculation that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s marriage might be in danger, as the couple has not been seen together in months.

Nicole Kidman’s red carpet appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival is fueling rumors about the state of her marriage to Keith Urban.

Výsledkem toho je, že každý den na našich stránkách naváží kontakt statisíce lidí prostřednictvím 38 jazyků ve více než 200 zemích.

It looks like Nicole Kidman is finally ready to pull the plug on her decade-long marriage to Keith Urban.

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Toby Keith has consistently churned out great music since his 1993 debut with the release of his first single and No.

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