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Some states have added provisions that for adults 21 and over increase the crime from a misdemeanour's to a felony.An adult can be charged with unlawful conduct with a minor under the age of consent regardless of whether they have sex.The table separates the "tattooing" and "body piercing" columns where separate statutory provisions cover each procedure.For a full compilation of all state laws on this issue, please visit s parent or legal guardian. A few states explicitly exempt ear piercings from the prohibition and parental consent requirements (e.g., California, Idaho, North Carolina, and Virginia), while many others implicitly exempt piercings of the lower ear lobe through a definitional exclusion, often in a separate statutory provision (e.g., Connecticut, Maine).Additionally, the following states require the individual who performs a tattoo or body piercing procedure to keep a record of the written parental consent for a certain number of years: Table 2 summarizes the tattoo and body piercing laws concerning minors in the six New England states, New York, and New Jersey.For information about rape between spouses, see Connecticut Marital Rape Laws.Named after Shakespeare’s young lovers, “Romeo and Juliet” exceptions are intended to prevent serious criminal charges against teenagers who engage in consensual sex with others close to their own age.

Their incapacity is written into the statute—hence the term, “statutory” rape.For information on child enticement and abuse laws, see Child Enticement in Connecticut.Statutory rape is prosecuted under Connecticut’s sexual assault laws.Requires the consenting individual to (1) be physically present at the time of piercing, (2) provide evidence of status as parent or legal guardian, and (3) sign a document that provides informed consent and indicates location of piercing on minor Penalties: Any or all of the following: (1) license revocation or suspension, (2) administrative fine up to ,000, or (3) guilty of criminal violation for first offense and misdemeanor for any subsequent offense Prohibits body piercing on a person under 18 unless a parent or legal guardian provides written consent in the presence of the owner of the body piercing studio or a body piercing specialist. Original written consent must be retained for 1 year (N. The minor must be at the age of consent for sexual contact to take place, which varies from state-to-state but is commonly 16.

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