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Nobody thought it was a good idea.” Her book triggered both raves for its sparkling prose and groans for its worldview: “self-absorbed” was a frequent accusation.And then it became a bestseller, inspiring a wave of little-known writers. Wurtzel said “you would not believe how many” requests she gets to write promotional blurbs for self-confessional memoirs, many from non-famous “20-nothings” like she once was.Before Dunham, there was Emily Gould, the internet’s first queen of oversharing, who blended heavy doses of self-analysis into her takedowns of the New York elite for Gawker and landed a book deal; so did Joyce Maynard way back in 1972, after she spilled her jaded take on growing up in the 1960s for the New York Times.Most notably, perhaps, was Elizabeth Wurtzel, who published her memoir Prozac Nation in 1994, when she was just 26.“When you’re in your twenties, you have no perspective and no ability to handle anything,” she said. And then a one-night stand went wrong the next night and then I had two one-night stands that went wrong and I was upset about both of them., but find it’s uncomfortably accurate in its depiction of self-absorbed privileged kids in their late twenties.

“For a book like this, it’s not a straight path to the New York Times bestseller list,” said Libby Burton, Siegel’s editor at Grand Central Publishing.Those years provide a lot of good material, Wurtzel said: being in your twenties sucks.She is now 48 and has breast cancer, but she wouldn’t trade it for being 26 again. When I was in my twenties and my one-night stand went wrong, I thought it was the most devastating thing ever.She was basically the embodiment of every article about the millennial mindset: she wanted to create her own schedule, be creative and feel like she was contributing to the world. She’s now an actress and freelance art director, making enough to support a life in Los Angeles and regular trips to a donation-based yoga studio.“I finally feel like I’m doing what I am meant to be doing,” Siegel said. ” Millennials, Siegel said, grew up with economic security and the notion they could be anything they wanted, only to find themselves graduating from university into a world that hadn’t recovered from the Great Recession.

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