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For each of these members we know: A) Their drinking habits by filling out the field on our site ( never, rarely, socially, and often) B) The number of Facebook friends AND 2 degree friends of friends they have in their social circle What we discovered is drinkers have significantly more friends than non-drinkers.

Singles over 30 that drink “often” have 56 more friends on average and social circles that are 30% larger than singles that never drink. D, professor of behavioral and social sciences at Brown University’s Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, says the data reinforces “a long-observed finding that heavy drinkers are more extroverted and sociable than lighter drinkers.” Carey explained that drinking to enhance an experience or feel more comfortable are some of the most common social motives for drinking, especially among young adults.

Men that are “social” drinkers were the most contacted on First, although they were closely followed by men that “rarely” and “often” drink.

Men and women seem to place different levels of importance on drinking habits, but data for both genders show that regardless of how often someone drinks, drinkers always outperform abstainers. “While this study doesn’t control for demographic and non-demographic factors, it’s clear that individuals that are drinking socially do receive more dates.” We were reminded again and again while speaking with professors at Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, and the original researcher Dr.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Online daters might underestimate the importance of filling out various fields on their dating profile.But there is one they should take seriously — drinking.Perhaps you would think twice before putting an answer.In 2010, a study from psychologist Charles Holahan at the University of Texas at Austin found that moderate drinkers live longer than people that abstain from alcohol.

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By examining which Facebook pages that singles like Facebook, we found that both genders greatly prefer ale to vino and even have the same beloved brands — Heineken (73,580) and Bud Light (33,826).

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