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Dr Rodriguez looks with hope to earlier face transplants.

My father is of the opinion that the firing of 12-gauge 2 3/4-inch shells in a gun with a 2 3/4-inch chamber produces better patterns than when they are fired in three-inch chambers.

Firing shells of excessive length for the chamber can generate dangerously high pressures for the following reason: The inside diameter of a shotgun barrel rapidly becomes smaller just forward of the front end of the chamber in an area called the forcing cone.

When a three-inch shell is fired in a 2 3/4-inch chamber, its crimp section opens into the forcing cone and in doing so effectively reduces bore diameter at that point.

Additionally, minor surgery is planned for the soft tissue of his face, such as the eyelids where there is extra skin.

But more than anything else, there is a looming question.

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If the shot charge and wad column are required to squeeze through this partial obstruction, chamber pressure can increase.

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