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Marking include butterfly mark on nose, colored ears, eye rings, spine marking (which is herringboned) and a spot on the cheek and a chain of spots along the body. Flemish Giant (Patagonian)13 pounds and over Black, blue, fawn, light grey, sandy, steel grey, white. French Lop10 pounds and over Agouti, broken, self, shaded, ticked or wide band groups Muscular heavy build Giant Chinchilla12-16 pounds Chinchilla coloration. Here are breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, grouped by size.

Advanced Search – If a female app user sets her search criteria to male, brown hair, 22-28 years old (for example), she will only see males matching this description.

Dates With Benefits – Through exclusive partnerships with venues across the UK, Rabbit not only helps you create that all-important first date but provides access to discounts too. Dangle a carrot in front of a potential hookup match to jump to the top of their pending list.

Security – The Rabbit app will never store a users' precise location and, unlike other dating apps, it doesn't need to use GPS. Rabbit is the new dating app that takes seriously the needs of its users and to support this we have a partnership with the UK charity Brook.

The subtle differences between breeds is mostly of interest to those who show their bunnies.

The average owner is focused mainly on size and coat type.

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Rabbit includes features that enables you singles to learn more about your matches to develop lasting relationships.

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