Too old for dating

Probably few hetero males don't appreciate an eyeful of a good-looking 20-year-old woman, but at what approximate age, if any, do women stop being secret-ogle worthy?If it matters, here's my situation: I'm 54 and divorced 2 years after 32 years of marriage to a man with major mental health issues.

Of course starting a relationship is different than that - obviously you aren't starting a second family with a woman in her 50s, and there are guys that are after that..

I stay active--working out, hiking, etc.--and am in good shape with a good BMI. Are men in general actually attracted to women my age?

I don't know if I'm attractive or not, but I'm not ugly. I ask because the few single men my age I've met/dated have really been looking for women who are substantially younger (say, ten years or more). It just seems like women my age are pretty much ignored by most men unless they're married to them (and sometimes even then).

Statistics do show that age is the top factor that both men and women lie about online.

Though you will be tempted to do so to appear younger, ultimately, you shouldn’t feel like you have to do this.

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