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Whilst this might not be a popular option amongst many readers, at least you could have have as many post-it notes or pins as you might like on display in a room. Shoji sliding wardrobe doors originate from Japanese architecture and are made of translucent paper or plastic held together by wooden frames.This is also a viable option to traditional sliding doors when you need to redesign a room.In this case there are at least two options available to the decorator.For example, you could use a simple solid coloured or patterned curtain material, a voile or sheer curtain as they are often very thin and let light through to give the room a more open appeal.We always tend to think that in order to enhance our wardrobe or update our look, we have to spend lots of money or buy really cheap clothes. Really, all you have to do is make minor adjustments to your own clothes and accessories.If there is a need to make purchases, you will have to learn to shop smart and have a plan in place before you go on your shopping trip.This can be done by removing the sliding doors completely to create an office nook inside your closet.

A new on-trend scarf or a statement necklace can transform almost any outfit in your wardrobe. Granted, you have to find someone who is the same size as you and has the same style. And those cute summer dresses that are hitting the sales racks Labor Day weekend?The good news is that you don’t have to go broke updating your fall wardrobe!Here are 5 frugal ways to do so: Shop at consignment and thrift stores.It is true that sliding wardrobe doors can often be difficult to redecorate particularly when made of glass.However, this does not prevent one from wondering if it is actually possible to freshen up or refurbish a room’s sliding wardrobe door without having to buy a new one?

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Consider disguising your interior sliding doors with translucent, frosted or plain window film.

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