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The green comments should basically explain what each code snippet is doing. All we have to do is insert a little more PHP to output two kinds of messages.

The first message is to notify us in case there were errors after our submission, and the other is a message to tell us that the email was already sent and no errors were found.

Place this code on the topmost section of your file (just above your DOCTYPE declaration).

You might be wondering why we need to validate the inputs again even if we already validated the inputs using Javascript.

I highly suggest that you don’t rely on Javascript alone for validating form inputs.All you have to do is put your email address in line 41 and off you go! I hope you will find this tutorial helpful as I’ve carefully detailed all the steps needed to create our contact form.Please tell me what you think and I would appreciate your comment.After that, we now need to add a class attribute to our input fields.If you just need a required field you just add class=”required” to the input tag and when you need to require and validate an email so that the format is correct then you need to add class=”required email”.

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