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As was the norm back then, boys in bands had to give the impression they were single.

Thanks to my time at Sylvia Young I knew the way the industry worked so wasn’t too bothered by my boyfriend keeping quiet about me – although that didn’t stop my family and friends being bemused by the whole thing.

I could tell you all about how lucky I am to have bagged myself a ‘celebrity’ – tell you how exciting it is to travel the world, have romantic songs written about me (such as ‘All About You’, which was a Valentine’s Day gift from Tom in 2004) and attend glamorous parties (although these days we prefer to chill with the Mc Family) – but that’s not what makes me lucky. Although both our jobs are creative and fun, when we’re at home we’re normal and boring – we’d take a night on the sofa in our PJs over a celebrity bash any day.

Being picked on at school certainly hasn’t held CARRIE HOPE FLETCHER back.

quickly) people I don’t know have asked about Tom’s fidelity when I’m not glued to his side.

I couldn’t imagine asking anyone if they worried about their partners cheating – it would be rude – yet there seems to be no filter.

This is invariably followed by a sob of retrospective regret from her mother that there wasn’t a similar book in her day to offer such comfort and encouragement.‘I gave my mum the very first copy to read,’ says Carrie.

‘When I came downstairs the next morning she was crying, and when I asked what was wrong she sobbed that she’d emailed me because she was too emotional to speak.

Even now, when there is no longer a need for such outbursts (we’ve trained our men to phone home regularly and put aside time for family and friends), there’s still a lovely bond between the girls.

‘In my first year of secondary school I was desperate to fit in and be liked, so when a group of girls started begging me for Mc Fly [Tom’s former band] tickets, I took them to a concert.

And the very next day they turned to me and said, “We don’t want to be your friends now we’ve seen the band.” I was gutted.

Here the actress, singer, songwriter, author, vlogger – and ‘big sister’ to the You Tube generation – explains why girls should learn to stick together Thus far, the reaction to the book, a guide to navigating the teen years, written by 22-year-old video blogger and musical-theatre star Carrie Hope Fletcher, has been evenly split.

First comes the astonished gasp of gratitude and relief from a teenager discovering that, OMG, she’s not alone and entirely misunderstood after all!

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‘It may look as though I’ve lived a charmed life, but I’ve worked really, really hard to get where I am now,’ says Carrie, straining forward for added emphasis.

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