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The pair was said to have dated back in 2001, and Ananda is completely devastated over his death, saying her “heart is lead.” See her full touching message, here! The iconic “Purple Rain” singer’s ex-girlfriend could barely contain her sorrow on April 21, after learning that her former lover had tragically and suddenly passed away, and it sounds like she still had so much unfinished business with him. Around this same time is when she and Prince allegedly had their fling.

She shared a beautiful message in his honor on Twitter, saying “So many amazing memories, loving advice.much I still needed to say to you. Though it may have been short, Ananda clearly took a lot away from her time with the icon. This is Not A Love Song.” , who later reported that he was found in the elevator of his home, deceased.

Prince, the stone cold legend of pop, funk, and rock who died at age 57 on Thursday, was clearly catnip to the ladies, even if he did have a penchant for ruffles and high heels back in the day.

Late musical genius and showman Prince left the world devoid of his musical talents after his sudden death at the age of 57, however, the steamy stories of his various affairs and flings seem to be surfacing even seven days after his death.

From the outside, the building looks almost industrial, with high fencing to keep intruders away.

Journalists are rarely permitted to enter, and those who do are banned from taking pictures or using recording devices.

Devin Devasquez, former Playboy model and covergirl of 19 issues, has opened up about her romantic rendezvous with Prince during the 1980s.

Devasquez, who is now an actor and producer, told the People that she was in love with the singer.

Our hearts go out to Ananda Lewis, 43, on April 21, who took to Twitter to mourn the loss of her alleged ex-boyfriend Prince.Hollywood Lifers – what do you think of Ananda’s message about Prince? When you're one of the most iconic musicians of all time, women are bound to find you intensely attractive."He was small, but such a sexy, charming guy," she says."During the Purple Rain tour he would fly me to all of the concerts, all over the country."According to Devasquez's account, the purple-clad singer dated her on and off for six months as he would fly her around for his concerts, spending time at lavish after-parties, and indulging in late-night conversations.

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